LA PIERRE by Yannis Sergakis Adornments

Declare Love.

Love to oneself. Love to the other.


LA PIERRE is a collection of rings designed to declare love;

either the ultimate love or simply just love. A ring of this nature is the most challenging of rings to create; due to its associated symbolism but also its structure – one precious stone that always comes to sit in the middle of a gold band ring.

LA PIERRE revisits this structure in respect yet in contemporary light too, offering a collection of six [6] timeless rings that declare love; either to oneself or the other.

LA PIERRE is an engagement ring collection, part of the CHARNIERES line; made of diamonds and gold, the CHARNIERE, is an elegant hinge used by yesteryear Greek jewelers to tie together precious metals and stones. Heritage with a contemporary twist, always relevant, always of great worth. Authentic, valuable pieces, reminiscent of the way jewels were appreciated in earlier times.

Discover the collection here.



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