OPUS Integrated Communication has steadily built a strong portfolio
with selected Media Brands and Publishing houses.

OPUS represents BBC World, the bbc.com and bbc mobile in Greece, showcasing significant opportunities created by the BBC to contact the Greek business goals, values, products and services at an international level and reach the highly targeted audiences of this global network.

BBC is the largest communication channel worldwide, surpassing the popularity of  all the other international networks. BBC broadcasts in:

  • 361 million households worldwide
  • 58 million unique users each month
  • 17.9 million unique users in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
  • BBC World News is the only international news channel to watch more than 50% of influential Europeans, at monthly level
  • 32% of the audience the BBC has studied, worked and lived abroad
  • 60% have a university degree, or a master’s or doctorate and works as middle and senior administrative managers – the decision makers!

The results and performance of the advertising campaigns devised by the BBC World, bbc.com and bbc mobile speak for themselves:

  • 25% increase in website traffic of the advertised companies
  • 13% increase in average session duration to the website of the advertised companies
  • 50% increase of the audience who came in contact with the brand online
  • 55% increase of the audience who will possibly make online transactions over the amount of $ 500, compared with the average online user!

The Conde Nast Traveller (UK version) is the pinnacle of travel journals. For 20 years creates travel trends worldwide playing a key role in the promotion of destinations, hotels, restaurants, spa and everything else related to tourism and life style.
The Conde Nast Traveller magazine has supported Greece and Greek islands, if not every issue, at least every other issue with advertorials on what is happening in Greece, new hotels openings, new tourism trends, new destinations. Under the guidance of the new editor, Melinda Stevens, the Conde Nast Traveller becomes stronger.

Based on our information, CNT readers are paid better, spend more and go on holiday more often:

  • In the last two years, income has increased by 35% to £ 145,231.
  • The annual cost of a vacation has increased by 32%, £ 9,774 per person per year.
  • On average CNT readers travel 12 times a year for holidays, short breaks and weekends (five trips in England and seven trips abroad). This translates into more 3 trips a year abroad in comparison with 2012.
  • Greece and Greek islands continue to be the top 10 most popular destinations where travelers plan to visit next year because of the summer sun and the beaches.
  • Choose to stay in luxury hotels / hotels boutique (92%) as opposed to a hotel of the series (63%) or a villa (26%).

Life Style
Year after year, spending in fashion, watches and jewelery has increased more than ever:
Fashion 24% I watches +60% I jewelery +24%